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Five Ways to Hold Your Viewer’s Attention

We are bombarded with photographs every day from our social media feeds to adverts in magazines, holiday photographs by friends and relatives and pictures that relay the news or give us information. Within the context of all of this “image noise” we’ve become very adept at discarding anything that visually doesn’t hold our attention or […]

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Help! My Photographs Are all Out of Focus (Part 2)

In part one of this post we had a look at some basic ways to help improve the sharpness of your pictures. If you didn’t read that post you can find it here! So, the big question is – where do you go if you have tried the techniques in part one and you are […]

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Help! My Photographs are all Out of Focus! (Part 1)

  The first thing to say is that sharpness, and the desirability of sharpness is a subjective matter! It’s very possible to have a great photograph that communicates it’s message with power and clarity at the same time as being slightly technically imperfect. To a certain extent, no matter what you do, a number of […]

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