Photography Basics Made Simple!

Hi and Welcome! – I’m really glad that you’ve found Photography Sponge! I’ve taught basic photography to hundreds of people of all sorts of different age groups over the years and I know sometimes just how overwhelming and confusing all of the information can get. I’m here guide you through the photography basics in as simple and user friendly way as possible!

I’m not really interested in providing my opinions what lens you should buy and which latest bit of “must have” kit you need. I want to give you real world examples of how to improve your pictures with minimal kit or just using the kit that you already have. Very often all that is needed is a bit of creativity and technique to make a great picture – it’s not really the camera but the photographer’s eye and brain where the magic happens!

So, if you want to get to grips with photography basics, learn how to take great pictures and avoid all of the confusion you have come to the right place.